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Steal Vehicle From the Military Base

Daily Challenge in GTA Online

You need a fast car or motorbike. Drive at high speed and jump over the fence, as shown in the screenshots below.

Now you need to get to a P-996 Lazer plane, two of these planes is near the runway. Most likely, the soldiers will not have time to intercept you. Perhaps one of them will stand next to the plane.

The daily challenge will be completed at the moment when you be in the cockpit of the plane. It doesn’t matter if you can’t fly away, or will be shot by the military right after that.

But it’s also quite easy to fly away. Just take off directly from the aircraft parking place, you don’t need to drive to the runway. Fly as low as possible until you get out of the Fort Zancudo airspace, it reduces the probability that the soldiers will fire missiles at you. But even if this happened, you can dodge them. Then gain altitude and lose the cops.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to save the stolen fighter. You can use it only until the end of the session, or until you get into the game lobby.

You can also steal another vehicle, but stealing a plane is the easiest way.

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