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Collect an Ammo Drop

Daily Challenge in GTA Online

To complete this daily challenge, you need GTA$1000. Call Merryweather and select the «Ammo Drop» in the menu. After that, wait until the ammunition crate lands near you, select any of your small arms, and pick up the ammo.

The number of rounds of the selected weapon should not be at the maximum. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pick up the ammo. Also, it’s impossible to pick up rockets or grenades this way.

If you don’t have the Merryweather phone in your contact list, look for a “T” on the map and get to Trevor’s trailer. You should have also received a phone call from Brucie — if he’s in your contact list, then you have already done this before.

Ordering ammo through the VIP/CEO menu also works for this daily challenge.

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